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EMS informs CorpoBoyacá about its environmental performance in 2022

To the Autonomous Corporation of Boyacá (Corpoboyacá), Esmeraldas Mining Services presented the environmental compliance reports corresponding to the year 2022. These reports are delivered annually to the national authorities within the first quarter of the year to avoid possible sanctions or even the suspension of the license environmental. They detail the progress and compliance with the strategies defined in the environmental management plan, which is structured into different components, such as water management, waste management, closure, rehabilitation and recovery of soils, ecosystem protection and climate change.

During 2022, great progress was made in the development of the plan, reaching 90% compliance overall. The results of the management of collections, the control of gases, particles and harmful odors, reforestation, management and disposal of waste, education and training of personnel, which reached 100% compliance, are highlighted.

One of the greatest achievements obtained during 2022 was the renewal of the environmental license for the main mining title of EMS, which demonstrates the confidence of the national authorities in the development of green social mining. This license represents the legality of our operations and will be the roadmap in the coming years to comply with the commitments made regarding environmental performance.

Thanks to the efforts of the Environmental Department, progress in compliance has been quite significant, achieving excellent results. The remaining 10% represents monitoring and control activities of the erosive processes caused by the effects of the weather, the reduction of the emission of environmental noise and the construction of a non-domestic residual water treatment plant. Tasks that are being worked on and that are added to the main objectives established by this department for 2023 that are mentioned below:

  • Guarantee the capture of the flow granted by the Environmental Authority in the authorized concessions.
  • Guarantee compliance with the discharge parameters of the domestic residual water of the PTARD Naranjos according to the current applicable regulations.
  • Achieve ICA registration and certification in Good Agricultural Practices – GAP of the EMS forest nursery.
  • Evaluate the alternative of registering the Paunita property as a Civil Society Nature Reserve.
  • Establish alliances in favor of the conservation of natural parks with the Serranía de las Quinchas Regional Natural Park.
  • Integrate circular economy principles into EMS processes.
  • Gradually and sustainably reduce the disposal of waste at the Pirgua landfill.
  • Prepare the greenhouse gas emissions report and the GHG mitigation plan.
  • Plan and implement actions to reduce the gap against the requirements of NTC ISO 14001:2015.
  • Identify and project measures to advance in compliance with the Sustainable Mining Standards (TSM) of the Colombian Mining Association (ACM) in terms of biodiversity preservation, water management and climate change