Compañías Muzo Colombia

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EMS invests in the education of the mining community.

Esmeraldas Mining Services (EMS) continues to demonstrate its commitment to the education of the mining community of Puerto Arturo by delivering 321 school kits to the children of its workers and granting 34 higher education scholarships for the current semester, substantially alleviating the costs that represents for families the purchase of school supplies or the payment of a university tuition.

In addition to basic school items such as a suitcase, pencil case, pencils, and colors, these kits also include notebooks that have the birds of the region as their cover, seeking to promote environmental education and care for wildlife, increasing interest in the natural wealth of its territory, to take an important step in the promotion of culture and environmental awareness from an early age in the mining region.

The objective of this initiative is to support the mine workers, providing their children with the necessary school supplies for good academic performance within the framework of the 2023 educational cycle, representing economic support for them and their families who have shown very grateful for these benefits.

On the other hand, the delivery of higher education scholarships, which this semester reached a total of 34 beneficiaries, is aimed at the children of employees who stand out for their academic performance and seek to continue their studies to achieve a better future. These scholarships in many cases represent a unique opportunity for students to access a quality education, since, due to the financial limitations of families, without the help of EMS they would not be able to afford a university degree.

The delivery of school kits and higher education scholarships are important initiatives that reflect EMS’s social responsibility with employees and their families. It is expected to deliver close to 450 kits this semester and progressively increase the number of scholarships awarded. In addition, the Muzo Foundation has also been delivering school kits to educational institutions in the mining community, demonstrating the commitment of The Muzo Companies Colombia to promote education to contribute to the sustainable development of the region.