Compañías Muzo Colombia

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The Muzo Colombia Companies are once again part of the Board of Directors of the ACM

Manuel Castellanos, our Administrative Director, has achieved an important milestone in his career by again obtaining a place on the Board of Directors of the Colombian Mining Association (ACM). This news is a motive for celebration for The Muzo Companies Colombia, as the accomplishment not only reinforces the recognition and leadership in the industry, but also ensures a solid representation of the emerald sector in the most important mining entity in the country.


Being a member of the Board of Directors of the ACM implies a series of benefits and responsibilities for our Director. In the first place, his presence on the council guarantees that the interests and concerns of the emerald sector are heard and taken into account in all the decisions and initiatives established from there. This is especially relevant considering the importance of mining in the Colombian economy and the relevance of the emerald in the industry. By being part of the board of directors, he will have decision-making power in all the activities and projects that the ACM undertakes. His experience and knowledge in the field of administration and mining will be invaluable in contributing to strategic decision-making and promoting the growth and sustainable development of the sector.


Additionally, his election allows him to participate in all events in the country’s mining sector promoted by this entity. Manuel will have the opportunity to attend conferences, conventions and specialized fairs, where he will be able to establish contacts, exchange knowledge and promote constructive dialogue between the different actors in the sector. This will strengthen the professional network and allies, besides to allowing to be aware of the latest trends and advances in the mining industry.

Our Director will also form part of the economic, legal and environmental committees of the ACM. These committees play a fundamental role in defining initiatives and making relevant decisions for the country’s mining activity. Manuel’s participation in these committees will give him the opportunity to influence decision-making related to economic, legal and environmental aspects of mining, promoting the implementation of responsible and sustainable practices as has been done with our Green Social Mining.

Finally, easier access to mining regulatory bodies is another important benefit of belonging to the board of directors of the ACM. This role makes it possible to establish closer relationships with the agencies in charge of supervising and regulating mining activity in the country, facilitating communication and collaboration between our organization and regulatory entities, fostering a joint work environment for the benefit of the mining industry and the country.

The election of Manuel Castellanos as a member of the Board of Directors of the ACM is a significant achievement that fills us with satisfaction and pride. His representation in this key instance gives us the opportunity to have an active voice in the most important mining organization in the country. We trust that his leadership and commitment will drive initiatives that promote sustainable and responsible mining development for the benefit of our company and the entire sector.