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Outstanding participation of The Muzo Companies Colombia at a ESG event

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On May 19th, the “ESG: Shaping the Future of Colombia’s Business Landscape” took place in the north of Bogotá, capital city of the country, an event that brought together prominent leaders and experts from different businesses that was organized by the renowned international economic magazine ‘The Business Year’, aiming to share the main challenges facing the country in terms of sustainability, emphasizing corporate social responsibility and environmental protection.

The event was divided into two panels that offered a platform to discuss and analyze the necessary strategies to promote sustainable business development in Colombia. The first panel was dedicated to the energy transition, while the second focused on corporate social responsibility.

In that particular section, Charles Burgess, stood out during his participation, where he  captured the attention of the attendees by sharing the challenges that The Muzo Companies Colombia have faced in western Boyacá in terms of sustainability. Burgess emphasized how through green social mining, various initiatives have been developed in defense of the environment, the promotion of alternative economies to mining, such as cacao planting, and labor formalization through alliances with traditional miners’ associations.

Before concluding his speech, our president reaffirmed the responsibility that the business group has with the sustainability of the country and the projects that promote economic and social development in the region, as long as they maintain harmony with the protection of the environment.

The event was a space for reflection and learning, where ideas were exchanged and strategic alliances were established to promote sustainability in the Colombian business landscape. The participation of the Muzo Colombia Companies in this meeting demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and leadership in the implementation of responsible business practices, which combine the extraction of emeralds with environmental protection and community development initiatives.