Compañías Muzo Colombia

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New emergency stations improve safety at the Puerto Arturo mine

In a continuing effort to strengthen safety at our mining operations, we are pleased to announce the successful installation of new emergency stations at the Puerto Arturo mine. These stations, which have undergone rigorous technical testing and configuration, are ready to start functioning and become a key role in quickly and efficiently responding to emergency situations.


The installation and commissioning process of these emergency stations was led by the Department of Safety and Health at Work (HSE) along with the IT department, who continuously supervised the process to ensure that all stations remain functional and in the right place. .

A total of 16 emergency stations have been installed at the mine, strategically distributed both on the surface operations and in key underground points. The 8 surface stations are equipped with an alert button and an integrated video camera, allowing employees to quickly and accurately report emergency situations.


When one of these emergency stations is activated, an alert notification is sent to the CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) department, who receive the live broadcast from the station’s camera and can listen to the audio of the report while everything is recorded. This ability provides valuable information to assess the situation and respond appropriately.

Once the alert is validated, the alarm bells are activated in the affected sectors to notify workers of the emergency. In addition, depending on the nature of the incident, a specific message is defined that is transmitted through that same channel, providing clear and precise instructions on how to proceed in each situation.


These stations are expected to come into operation in the coming weeks once a training and reinduction process is carried out for all the personnel at the mine.


The implementation of these new emergency stations represent an important step to further strengthen the commitment to our employee’s safety and protection. Rapid detection and response to emergency situations are essential to minimize risks and ensure a safe and reliable work environment.