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EMS restores and reforests the ecosystems of Boyacá

In recent years, Esmeraldas Mining Services (EMS) has focused its effortson recovering soils that were affected by decades of open pit mining. This process has been led by the Environmental Management Department, which through different initiatives is once again achieving a Western Boyacá that not only shines for the green of its emeralds, but also for the green of its vegetation.


9 years ago, the Puerto Arturo Mining Unit began the forest nursery project, where germination, transplantation, growth and adaptation to the climate processes of various plant species such as Caracolí, Mahogany, Búcaro and Pink Cedro are carried out with great success . In 2022, for example, they managed to grow 8.4 kilos of seeds, of which 7,000 seedlings managed to be transplanted into bags and finally 5,143 individuals were adapted into the environtment.

Guaranteeing the survival of these plantations represents a challenge that requires technical knowledge and dedication to overcome problems such as fungi, pests, lack of nutrients in the soil, among others. During the previous year, 14 germinations were carried out, only 2 had fungal or humidity problems and 12 successfully completed the process, demonstrating that the phytosanitary controls carried out by the environmental team have a high level of effectiveness.


This nursery, in addition to serving the Mining Unit, has also been a source of benefits for the entire department. From here, more than 4,000 forest individuals have been donated to the Autonomous Corporation of Boyacá (Corpoboyacá), which have been used for ecological restoration and ecosystem preservation in such important sites as the Serranía Las Quinchas Regional Natural Park, an environmentally protected area considered great environmental value.

Besides the nursery, since 2018 reforestation work has also been carried out in the area of influence of the Mining Unit. They have already managed to establish 18 reforestations that represent more than 6 thousand individuals planted in places that are considered very important, such as areas close to water sources or where mining infrastructure previously rested, such as the Águilas, Piratas sector, among others.

Thanks to these initiatives, it continues to be proven that with Green Social Mining it is possible to extract minerals in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. From The Muzo Companies Colombia we remain committed to the progress and well-being of the Western Boyacá. A West that is not only recognized for its beautiful green gems, but also for the abundance of its vegetation and wildlife.