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Muzo’s Business Model

Creating value in the emerald production chain.

Since the beginning of our operations, The Muzo Companies Colombia have been the forerunners and main promoters of the transparency and traceability with our practices, a fact that is transferred to our products, which, are being sold by the most recognized and prestigious jewelry houses in the world and demonstrate our commitment to formalization and legality. For this reason, since 2009 we have been working under an unprecedented business model in the emerald production sector in Colombia, that covers the value chain of our gems from start to finish.

We identify that information is the main tool for building trust and credibility, for this reason, the Mine to Market business model offers our clients a detailed certificate with all the information on the emerald they acquire. From its origin and gemological characteristics, through its industrial transformation and treatment, to its commercialization in the world market, guaranteeing compliance with the highest quality standards, human rights and strict environmental practices in order to provide our customers with a traceable and reliable product. This is a business model that very few companies in the world can offer.

Due to the development of our information system, we control the traceability of each stone throughout the cycle, carefully recording the physical and morphological characteristics (weight, size, condition), the activities carried out on the material, the results of each stone on the productive stages and the photographs associated with each process, detailing a historical record. Thus, through the unique identification of each piece (automated labeling and coding systems), the processing of work orders and the methodical recording of results, we guarantee the location and trajectory of each one of the pieces or batches of emerald material throughout the value chain. This information is supplied to our buyers in a certificate that compiles the entire process of origin, transformation and treatment of each stone, a unique document in the country that guarantees our clients complete traceability in the production processes, we deliver gems with history, care of processes and responsibility.