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Unique exploitations in the world

Our form of exploitation is underground and different from other types of mining, since we use processes that imply high extraction standards on a large scale combined with traditional techniques in the operation to take care of the stone at all times, reducing the use of explosives and generating a lower environmental impact. These exploitation process need to follow the calcite veins and it requires professional personnel trained in geology, gemology and mining.

The vein is the elongated layer of a mineral that fills the crack of a rock formation and is distinguished by its color or constitution. There is a high probability of obtaining emeralds in them. In order to find the veins that may contain emeralds, we need to drill and bore tunnels that require technification and the implementation of modern machinery to optimize operational processes. At the same time, we have a mining management model that allows all our operational areas to work together to achieve the proposed objectives in all phases of the mining cycle, in which we incorporate elements of technology and modernization.


As a company we have transformed the business with medium and long-term plans, high capital investment and the best quality standards. We promptly comply with all the legal and technical obligations derived from the exploration and exploitation of emeralds, while at the same time we have committed ourselves to having high labor standards, implementing good practices focused on the prevention and mitigation of environmental impacts, as well as the payment of economic considerations to the State for the rational use and exploitation of mining resources.

Likewise, we have committed ourselves to the characterization, identification, management and investment to solve existing social problems in the area of ​​influence, derived from informal mining activities. This way, in compliance with the contractual obligations of the mining title, we carry out constant inspections in the area of ​​influence to identify informal mining activities, among other pertinent steps, which stand out the following: Inspections of the area of ​​mining concessions and Due reporting and imposition of administrative support with the supervision of the Mayor’s Office and the National Mining Agency.


Since our establishment we have been working to change the culture of informality in the region. People of the region have seen the positive side of a formal job, with a secured salary, legal benefits, indefinite term contracts and other guarantees that generate security for our employees. Altogether, we comply with all contractual legal obligations required by Corpoboyacá, which provides the parameters to mitigate the environmental impacts of the operation. We carry out the following activities in order to comply with the obligations in the context of Resolution 3328 of 2016:
• Environmental Compliance Report.
• Implementation of the Environmental Management Plan (PMA in Spanish).
• Water and runoff management works.
• Environmental monitoring.
• Relocation of vascular epiphytes.
• We received requirements for technical aspects to which we succeeded 100%