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Muzo Green, color of hope

The green mining term was an expression used by The Muzo Companies Colombia during the first Green Mining Forum, organized by the MUZO group in the city of Chiquinquira in 2019, as a reference to the green of the emeralds and, also, to the execution of environmentally responsible mining. Since the beginning of operations, we have worked under the premise of environmental legal compliance and a commitment to continuous improvement of our environmental performance. Aware of the ecosystemic richness of the area of ​​influence of our mine, we assume additional responsibilities to minimize the impacts caused by the exploration activities, carry out complementary actions that contribute to expanding knowledge of the ecology and promoting the recovery of the affected environment after decades of exploitation by artisanal mining in the region.

At the same time, we have started programs that allow us to reduce the impact of our operations in both EMS and EDLA, aware that acting responsibly with the environment is what let us to continue our operations, ensuring a harmonious coexistence with the environment in where we operate and the communities. We have become the main promoters of environmental protection and care for the region’s flora and fauna. After several decades of informal and intrusive exploitation, the entire vegetation layer of the mine was destroyed. Now, thanks to our investment, modernization and implementation of erosion control and reforestation programs, we have managed to recover the characteristic foliage of the Colombian tropical forest. To date, we have planted and rebuilt nearly 35,000 square meters.

Likewise, we have committed ourselves to the characterization, identification, management and investment to solve existing social problems in the area of influence, derived from informal mining activities. This way, in compliance with the contractual obligations of the mining title, we carry out constant inspections in the area of influence to identify informal mining activities, among other pertinent steps, which stand out the following: Inspections of the area of ​​mining concessions and Due reporting and imposition of administrative support with the supervision of the Mayor’s Office and the National Mining Agency.