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We believe in local power

An essential part of the Mine to Market model is developed in the social and humanitarian projects that are promoted in our operations. Since 2014 and as part of our organizational restructuring, the Muzo Foundation has led, designed and executed the Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives of The Muzo Colombia Companies, the work done has transformed the reality of hundreds of beneficiaries and its success has made it one of the most important social organizations in the country, as recognized by the ranking of the Brújula Minera in 2020 for its seventh edition.

The Foundation is a non-profit organization that works for the improvement and progress of the region our area of influence at the Puerto Arturo mine, within the municipalities of Muzo and Quípama. It focuses its efforts on three lines of action that address the main needs of the municipalities identified by the Muzo group: Education, Food security and productive projects, and Institutional strengthening and leadership.

Since its formation as a foundation, they have constantly worked to generate value for the communities of Muzo and Quípama, thanks to the conviction of the Senior Management of The Muzo Companies Colombia to bet on local development. This way, through the Muzo Foundation, we carry out a direct intervention in the municipalities, within the communities and execute projects that recognize the needs and offer medium and long-term alternatives in order to improve the current living conditions of the population.

Among the most recognized initiatives of the Muzo Foundation, the community dining room, El Mirador de los Abuelos, stands out over all. Here, nearly 300 elders with limited resources, abandoned and vulnerable, receive free food on a daily basis. Other projects include higher education scholarships for outstanding students from schools in the region, supplying of school kits and uniforms, artistic and sports training schools, crops, sheds, leadership and empowerment promotions, health centers, among many others.