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Muzo’s Leaders

Lucía Corredor

Director of Esmeraldas de los Andes, EDLA, and Colombian Shared Services, CSS

Lucía Corredor joined The Muzo Companies Colombia in 2013 as director of Esmeraldas de los Andes and in 2020, she assumed the direction of Colombian Shared Services, CSS. She has more than eighteen years of experience in management and direction of international logistics operations in Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela, and more than eight years in the Colombian mining and emerald industry. She is an industrial engineering graduate from the Andes University (Col) and a graduate of the Inalde Business School in 2015. Lucía received a certification in essential-colored stones from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Maria Luisa Durrance

Director of the Muzo Foundation

Maria Luisa Durrance is an anthropologist and biologist from the Andes University (Col) with more than seventeen years of experience in institutional and corporate social management, successfully integrating her knowledge in environmental projects with the social strengthening of the regions. She has worked in the private and public sectors, which has allowed her to fully understand the social and community vision from all aspects. She has several years of experience in the mining and hydrocarbon sector in projects that aim for the reduction of environmental impact.
Maria Luisa joined The Muzo Companies Colombia in 2014 as manager of the social department. In 2018, she assumed the direction of the Muzo Foundation, leading the relationship between the communities living in the perimeter areas of the mine and the government authorities. From her direction, multiple social initiatives have been implemented that have contributed to the progress of the region thanks to the sustainable projection they developed.

Ana María Camargo

Project Manager Furatena Cacao

Forestry Engineer with a Specialization in Project Management, she has an extensive experience of 17 years in activities of elaboration, execution and management of projects in the agricultural sector, vulnerable communities and specifically in the cocoa sector, she has a high capacity in formulation and direction of projects, resource management, technical, environmental and social support. She has been with Furatena Cacao since 2014, participating in the entire process from the diagnosis, creation and consolidation of the company in Western Boyaca. She currently works as a project manager, directing all the activities of this company.