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Leaders of the Emerald Industry
The geologist of EMS extract by hand the precious emeralds in the Puerto Arturo mine.

The MUZO Companies Colombia are a group of Colombian enterprises dedicated to produce high-quality emeralds that covers the entirety of the extraction, industrial transformation and export processes of these gems. Since our arrival in the country, in November 2009, we have characterized ourselves as leaders in the modernization and transformation of the industry under the guidelines of the highest international quality standards, making our business model – Mine to Market – and our operations, the new face of the Colombian Emerald Industry.

The companies that are part of our business group, covers all the stages of production of the stones: from beginning to the end of the emerald value chain, including mining exploration and exploitation, the transformation of gems on an industrial scale, social projects and Corporate Social Responsibility, as well as the sale and marketing of the final product in international markets. This business model, that goes from the mine to the market, allows us to control the production of the precious stone from the work front in the tunnels to the final consumer, thus guaranteeing the origin, quality, legality and traceability of each stone.

Faceting of the emeralds.
Three samples of the emeralds produced by TMC.

Currently, The MUZO Companies Colombia are the main reference in the world for this Colombian gemstone, producing the best and most coveted emeralds on the international market and strictly abiding the highest international standards of the global jewelry industry. Our reach extends to the main global markets, proudly marketing Colombian emeralds through Muzo Emerald Colombia (our commercial brand), to New York, Geneva, Paris, Hong Kong and London. Supplying luxury houses and brands, designers of vanguard and world-class distributors.