Compañías Muzo Colombia

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Board of Directors met with the Minister of Mines and Energy of Colombia

Our president, Charles Burgess, along with the Administrative Director, Manuel Castellanos, met with the Minister of Mines and Energy of Colombia, Irene Vélez. The meeting took place with assitance of the Colombian Mining Association, ACM, which held its end-of-year dinner with managers and affiliates. There, they discussed the state of emerald mining, the present challenges and the growth projection of the industry.

In that meeting, the minister was informed about our commitment to the development of a green, responsible and safe social mining, which continues to bring well-being to the communities, progress to the west of Boyacá and helps the growth of the national economy. Also, she was told that we have all the will to work alongside with the Government to continue promoting and improving the emerald industry and mining extraction.

The minister was satisfied and pleased with the meeting, predicting good times for emerald mining and acknowledging the work that The Muzo Companies Colombia have been developing.