Compañías Muzo Colombia

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El Mirador de los Abuelos reopens its doors

The Muzo Foundation celebrated on Saturday, October 16th, 2021, the reopening of its most valued and loved community project in the region, the El Mirador de los Abuelos elder canteen. In a full-day event organized in the Foundation’s coliseum, they summoned nearly 300 older adults who smiled once again at the possibility the company offers for them to have a free, nutritious and daily food. The beneficiaries of this initiative are former informal miners who suffer from family and state abandonment and, in many cases, misery. The gratitude expressed in their smiles was enough payment that rewarded the immeasurable effort of Maria Luisa Durrance and the Muzo Foundation team to guarantee the reopening and continuity of the most successful social project of The Muzo Companies Colombia.

“This has been an effort from all the areas and workers of the company,” said Maria Luisa, director of the foundation, highlighting the work of all the departments of EMS, who helped to restore and adapt the facilities of the dining room to the new biosafety regulations and internal policies, all this in order to guarantee a continuous operation of El Mirador from this date on. The company’s investment is around COP $50 million that will ensure food for elders who were already enrolled in the program. However, the Foundation hopes to have the possibility of opening new vacants to increase its reach by enrolling new grandparents.

The reopening of El Mirador de los Abuelos coincides with an additional achievement of Esmeraldas Mining Services, by accomplishing the full reinstatement of all the suspended workers to their usual duties. Nearly 30 collaborators who were not in suitable conditions for underground functions had not obtained the medical guarantee for their reinstatement and the company had decided to keep the 25% salary aid for their maintenance. Currently, all workers are attending regularly and EMS once again has close to 1,000 employees in its operation.