Compañías Muzo Colombia

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Furatena Cacao was awarded in Medellín

This initiative is planing to become one of the best premium chocolate brands in the country with a social focus, benefiting more than a thousand cocoa-producing families.


During the celebration of the Colombia Gold Symposium CGS Medellín 2022, our social program ‘Furatena Cacao’ has been recognized as one of the best innovation and economic development projects promoted by mining companies. The project, which began in 2014, was implemented as an initiative that seeks to eliminate the informal practices of the “guaquería” of emeralds, present for years in western Boyacá.

We began by promoting the planting of cacao with the donation of seeds, providing technical support to cacao farmers to achieve an excellent quality bean. Afterwards, we buy their crops and export them to different countries, giving the inhabitants of the region a profitable and sustainable income alternative over time.

Although the project began in the municipalities of Quípama and Muzo, the success it had allowed us to extend to the entire western province of Boyacá, achieving record export figures in recent years, benefiting thousands of families who now see this industry as an opportunity for progress and have been replacing informal mining practices with the growing of this product.


Now, thanks to the excellent results and acceptance of the program by the communities, we have begun a transformation process by implementing what we call Bean to bar business model, which will stop exporting the seeds and we’ll begin to transform it into finished products such as toppings, sweets, chocolate bars, among other cacao derivatives.

For this, we have made a millionaire investment. In addition to setting up a factory in Chiquinquirá, we brought a whole line of machinery from Italy for the processing of cacao. Being the only company in Colombia that has the full range of these equipment.

We hope that Furatena Cacao will be a recognized as a premium chocolate brand in a short time, both nationally and internationally, demonstrating that Green Social Mining, with investment and commitment, can bring alternative projects and wealth to the regions. Since our arrival in 2009, we have invested more than 150 million dollars promoting labor formalization, improvement of emerald extraction and the execution of social programs, setting an example for the mining sector.