Compañías Muzo Colombia

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International media visited the Puerto Arturo mine

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On February 14th, 2023, the American journalist John Otis and his team from the US National Public Radio, managed to learn first-hand about the green social mining that we have implemented at The Muzo Companies Colombia. Their visit took place with the objective of documenting on the modernization of emerald mining in Colombia and the Muzo group as the leader of this transformation.

It is not the first time that Otis has visited this mining region, he has been an American correspondent in Colombia since 1994 and his first visit to Puerto Arturo took place in 1997, when open-pit mining was carried out with informal practices and the industry was directed by Víctor Carranza.

Now, 26 years after his first visit, the journalist and his work team began their tour of the mine by entering the JD ramp, learning about the expansion project that is being developed so that ramp reaches level 141 and the vehicles of extraction of sterile material can enter the deepest fronts. The journalists were surprised with the transformation in the industry and the advances that the Muzo Companies Colombia have brought to this mining sector.

The journalists team also met with the president of the Muzo Companies Colombia, Charles Burgess, where in a pleasant conversation discussed the change that the industry has had since Otis’s first visit to the region, the importance that the investment of the Muzo group for the development of the sector and future projections of the emerald industry in Colombia.


The visit would end in the community canteen ‘El Mirador de los Abuelos’ where, in addition to sharing with some elders, they learned about the different social projects led by the Muzo Foundation for the benefit of the community.