Compañías Muzo Colombia

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The construction of the new waste deposit continues

Working to reinforce and improve our operations with more sustainable and efficient practices, Esmeraldas Mining Services (EMS) continues to advance in the construction of the new waste deposit at the Puerto Arturo mine. This outstanding project, led by the Department of Environmental Management along with the Department of Civil Works, represents an important advance in the management of waste from the mining unit, allowing better use of the waste generated during operations.

The new deposit, whose construction is nearing completion and is expected to come into operation in the coming weeks, has been designed with three specific sections that will facilitate the proper separation of the different types of waste generated in the mining process. This division into sections will expedite waste management and will allow the implementation of different strategies for its reuse, recycling and final disposal.

This facility is expected to contribute to improving the operational efficiency of the mine and its environmental management by facilitating the identification and recovery of valuable materials in some of the waste generated. Additionally, it will continue to benefit the Association of Recyclers of the municipality of Quípama (ASECOL), who will receive the recycling materials to generate economic income through their commercialization. In the year 2022, more than 10 tons of recyclable waste were delivered to this association.

Through this initiative, The Muzo Companies Colombia continue to advance in the objective of being an example and benchmark for the national mining sector in terms of environmental responsibility and continuous improvement, developing all activities from the perspective of Green Social Mining.