Compañías Muzo Colombia

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Laughter and joy at the Muzo Foundation and its Christmas activities

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On December 17th 2022, the coliseum and community canteen’El Mirador De Los Abuelos’ of the Muzo Foundation were the epicenter of the Christmas celebration for the communities of Muzo, Quípama and La Victoria, on which they would end activities for 2022 .

The place would become an entertainment space full of amusement parks with mechanical and inflatable attractions installed, accompanied by recreational activities and entertainers. There, nearly 400 children from the mining sector were present to enjoy the Christmas event that had not been held for 3 years as a result of the pandemic.

In addition to the attractions and games available for the community, there was a Christmas show and gifts delivery. Boys and girls were happy and thanked with hugs and smiles to the Muzo Foundation, which during this 2023 carried out different projects and activities focused on early childhood.

However, minors would not be the only ones to enjoy the Christmas activities organized by the Muzo Foundation. Community mothers, educational agents and community leaders from the region who are part of the ‘Together for Early Childhood’ project also had a meeting in the same place. There, in addition to receiving a food basket, they participated in a rally contest with various tests that put their skills, agility and resistance to the test, accompanied by a piñata and lots of dancing.

The development of these activities served as an opportunity to ratify the commitment of the Muzo Companies Colombia to bring well-being to the community in the execution of our Green Social Mining. We will continue working in 2023 to bring more opportunities, joy, economic and social development to the west of Boyacá.